‘ATTACK ON TITAN' World Premiere

''Attack on Titan' News: Manga's 18th Volume Tops Japan's Weekly Chart; Manga Arc on Its 3rd Story Arc, Good News for Anime Series?

Great News for "Attack on Titan" Manga fans! The 18th Volume of Hajime Isayama's manga series tops weekly chart in Japan.
Premiere Of Warner Bros. 'Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie' Arrivals

''Yu-Gi-Oh!' Movie: 'The Dark Side of Dimensions' Slated Before 2016 Golden Week Holiday

Kazuki Takahashi manga “Yu-Gi-Oh!” will have another movie adaptation titled “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.” The latest film is slated for release on April 23, 2016 before Japan celebrates its national holidays, the Golden Week.
St. Regis Hotels & Resorts Wins 2013 World Snow Polo Championship In Aspen

'Real Estate News: Aspen Voters Reject New Affordable Micro-Hotel Development

Aspen voters reject new affordable micro-hotel development in base 2. Mark Hunt was in charge of the project which was assumed to make quite an addition for tourists. However, things did not turn out the way it was supposed to be.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

''Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4' Updates: DLC Packs' Details Confirmed; Combination Secret Techniques Also Available

“Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” 3 DLC packs have been confirmed. It has also been revealed that Combination Secret Techniques are also available for this video game.
2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 14

''Supergirl' Updates: CBS Gets Additional Cast to Play the Role of Cameron Chase; Critics Give Good Feedback

CBS’ “Supergirl” TV series has an additional cast on board. Emma Caufield signs a contract with the network to play the role of Cameron Chase in the action adventure TV series.
The Flash Season 2

''The Flash' Season 2 Updates: 'the Darkness and the Light' Review; Earns Highest Rating by Far

"The Flash" Season 2 episode 5 gets an excellent review from its audience and critics. "The Darkness and the Light" is by far the best episode the TV series has.
New Home Sales Fall 33 Percent In May

'Real Estate Tips: Selling Your House Online-- The Pros and Cons

Are you one of those real estate sellers who have embraced selling your house online? If so then, you are among those who have learned to embrace the way the market dictates selling and buying through the use of the internet. However, there are advantage and disadvantages in selling through the web.
Boku no Hero Academia

''My Hero Academia' Updates: Main Visual of TV Anime Adaptation Released on its Site; Promotional Image Features Izuku Midoriya

"My Hero Academia" has released its main visual on its website for it anime adaptation. The key visual features the protagonist of Kōhei Horikoshi's manga "Boku no Hero Academia," Izuku Midoriya.
Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

''Arslan: The Warriors of Legend' Update: New Trailer Reveals New Characters, 'Weapon Arts' System, and the Setting of New Stages

"Arslan: The Warriors of Legend" has released a new trailer showcasing new characters in the gameplay. In addition, the trailer also reveals "Weapon Arts" system and new stages of the video game.
Pokemon Shuffle Trailer

'‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Update: Mega Gardevoir Takes the Stage, Competition is Live; Brings In New Daily Pokémon

The Nintendo and mobile game "Pokémon Shuffle" has an exciting news for its avid fans. The game's Mega Gardevoir challenged has already begun, and the said timed competition is live. Also, the game has new features of Daily Pokémon to add more fun and excitement.
Arrow Season 4 Episode 5

'‘Arrow’ Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: ‘Haunted’ Offers More Than Saving Sara Lance; John Diggle Finds Deeper Secret

"Arrow" season 4 episode 5, "Haunted," has been leaked online prior to airing it on Wednesday evening. Now, there are more spoilers that have come out online, and perhaps some fans have succumbed to it and watched the episode.
August Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 7 Months

'Real Estate News: 2016 Will Be the Year of 18 Hours Cities

Real estate market is thriving but then the real estate properties in some major cities have become too pricey for buyers, renters and even investors.
LA: Premiere Of Universal's 'Van Helsing' - Arrivals

''Van Helsing' TV Series Updates: Female Helsing Takes Over as Syfy Orders Futuristic Re-imagining of the Movie

"Van Helsing" gets a TV series as ordered by Syfy cable. This show will have a futuristic re-imagining from the movie version, as it will be gender-swapped and a female Helsing will take over.
One Punch Man - Saitama vs Cyborg Genos Epic Battle

''One-Punch Man' News: Manga Proves That it Will Always Matter

There is no denying that "One-Punch Man" anime has been gaining fans worldwide. But despite its soaring popularity, One and Yusuke Murata's manga still matters to its fans. One indisputable truth is that the scenes are considered better in the still-frame unanimated comic.
One Piece Episode 715 Preview

''One Piece' Manga Spoilers Chapter 805: Mink Woman Gets Questioned by Usopp & Zoro; Chapter 806 Mythical Zoan Jack's Identity Unmasked

Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece" manga has 2 upcoming chapters that come with spoilers. The spoilers of chapter 805 reveal that the mink woman will be questioned by Usopp and Zoro, while chapter 806 focuses on the mythical zoan Jack, whose real identity will be unmasked.
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