There is no denying that "One-punch Man" anime has been gaining fans worldwide. But despite its soaring popularity, One and Yusuke Murata's manga still matters to its fans. One indisputable truth is that the scenes are considered better in the still-frame unanimated comic.

RocketNews24 reports that there are 2 reasons why the anime adaptation of "One-Punch Man" are bringing in fans. One reason that is obviously seen is "the way it turns the idea of a handsome, hot-blooded action hero on its head with protagonist Saitama, a laid-back, completely bald superhero who more like Charley Brown than Superman."

The second reason why "One-Punch Man" TV Anime has growing fans is that the animation is from Madhouse. This production studio is already famous in having " anime visual style." Madhouse is responsible for the success of anime series like "Millennium Actress," "Ninja Scroll," and "Redline."

There is no question that One and Yusuke Murata's "One-Punch Man" anime adaptation is very impressive. Perhaps, no one could rival the anime series but the manga itself. Yes! The source material of the animation is the only rival it has.

In a recent drawing of Yusuke Murata, he showcased "the kinetic movement in still panels." He demonstrated this skill in his "Eyeshield 21." There are many fans who wowed on what they had seen. Thus, "it was just a matter of time until 'One-Punch Man' fans found a scene for which Murata brought his A-game but Madhouse didn't, and the difference is amazing," RocketNews24 added.

That claim is also reiterated by Kotaku, although stated in a different manner but clearly explained the reasons too. In its report, it says that "One-Punch Man" manga will always matter.

The online magazine says that even if the anime series of "One-Punch Man" is available already, the manga could not be simply ignored. While it is admitted that anime can do more in the story of the comics as far as animation, voice acting, and editing are concerned, but the manga still gives a different impact.

The comparison of two genre, manga and anime, is not to criticize or put down the other artistic work. But the purpose of which is "to compare the visual impact of both and underscore the everlasting importance of manga."

One Japanese illustrator named Myuutasu explained that "manga version actually 'moves' more than the anime." The person also added that the "GIF comparison shows how dynamic the framing is in the manga compared to the anime."

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