Are you one of those real estate sellers who have embraced selling your house online? If so then, you are among those who have learned to embrace the way the market dictates selling and buying through the use of the internet. However, there are advantage and disadvantages in selling through the web.

There are those that still want to sell their property by themselves. At the same time, there are those that avail the services of real estate agents and professionals. But the market is seemingly different nowadays because they are able to access the internet. Because of this, they are able to sell their property at the shortest time possible, with less cost and at the simplest manner possible. However, according to RealtyBizNews, there are advantages and disadvantages of selling your house online.


1. An Extensive Market Range. More people will be able to view your property without having to physically be present just by accessing it online. This increases the chances of closing the sale of your property.

2. At a Minimal Cost. The traditional way of endorsing your property to a high street estate agent can cost a lot. Posting it online however can cost you very little or none at all.

3. Faster Close of Sale. Online agents are known to sell properties at the shortest time possible. The reason for this is the wide array of potential buyers that are able to view their ad.


1. Less personal form of service. Some buyers prefer a more personal approach which is not achievable if accommodating possible buyer online.

2. A Real Estate Broker or Agent knows a lot about the locality than you do. Being knowledgeable about one's locality and even the region serves as an advantage.

How do you sell your house online? The Guardians says that The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has indicated that online private-sale sites and low-cost online agents comprises of 5% of completed sales. Most of these sites charge you a flat rate fee plus VAT compared to traditional methods which can cost you 1.5% to 2% of the selling price. However, they charge their services separately such as taking professional photos for your property, a For Sale ad with your own number on it and social media accounts. The fees are more or less 85% lower compared to the high street real estate agents. The only difference is you have to show your property personally. This is because you know your house better than anybody else. There are also sites that allow you to market your property with just a fraction of the cost and they will handle the paperwork for you as part of their services. There are Do-It-Yourself sites that allow you to post your property and once is sold will not have to charge you for anything. However the disadvantage is it will not be shown in major portals. This limits your market scope.

Fox News states another advantage of selling your house online. It is says that seller can actually get the price estimate of the home online. Examples of these sites are as follows:

1. Zillow. You just have to type in your address and choose other filter buttons that will fit your preferences and specifications then you can see how much is the estimated worth of your house.

2. like Zillow typing in your home address will provide you its estimated value. Plus its history and dates and prices it was sold for.

3. Other sites. It is always advisable to get estimates from other sites to in order to have a comparison.

You must be careful though if you want to continue selling you house online as there are disadvantages. There are sites that ask for your contact information or asks you to pay for the data prior to providing its estimated worth. Except for the fact that you are definitely decided to sell your property and want agents calling you every now and then.

Do you know any advantage or disadvantage of selling your home online? Tell us about it in the comment box provided.