"Arrow" season 4 episode 5, "Haunted," has been leaked online prior to airing it on Wednesday evening. Now, there are more spoilers that have come out online, and perhaps some fans have succumbed to it and watched the episode.

Design N Trend reports that "Arrow" season 4 episode 5, titled "Haunted" is one of the most awaited episodes for one obvious reason, John Constantine will be crossing over in the series. However, the excitement has been spoiled when the episode has been leaked online.

Report says that the leaked video of "Arrow" season 4 episode is a review copy. To quote the online magazine's statement, "Torrent Freak says that the leaked video seems to be a 'review copy screener' version of the episode, or in other words, a draft of the episode that doesn't feature the polished special effects of the one that will air on the CW."

Having said that, the leaked video of "Haunted" "lacks the clarity and polish of the final product." However, it doesn't mean avid followers of "Arrow" would simply ignore this news. They would definitely search for it and watch it episode 5 of "Arrow" season 4.

Mirror UK says that in the "Haunted" of "Arrow" season 4 the DC Comics demon hunter, John Constantine, will be going to Star City. According to the report, Constantine has been called up by Oliver Queen himself to save Sara Lance's soul including Thea Queen's "post-Lazarus Pit murderous issues."

But John Constantine's mission to save Sara and help out Thea is not the only thing that fans must anticipate in the "Arrow" season 4 episode 5. The executive producer of the TV series, Wendy Mericle, explained in the featurette that Sara has to be seen by the fans in her "post-Lazarus Pit side effect." Thus, she's out in the city killing people. That's what is expected of her character after she's being resurrected.

Comic Book quotes in its article what Mericle said. "Sara is still being inflicted by the Lazarus Pit side effects and she's still a wild, feral animal who is determined to kill and she's unstoppable. It's a very dark episode where we'll see Laurel really grappling with her decision to bring her sister back from the dead and try to put this genie back in the bottle."

This explains why the Green Arrow had to call John Constantine. He is the only solution that could stop Sara.

But that is not the only thing that fans of the "Arrow" must look forward to. In the "Arrow | Inside: Haunted | The CW" featurette released by The CW Television Network via YouTube. Executive producer Wendy Mericle said that John Diggle would find out a secret about the death of his brother Andy Diggle.

In the said featurette, Mericle said that there's a new team up between Captain Lance and John Diggle. Both will track clues about the death of Andy. Also, John Diggle would be able to get some shocking news about his brother at the end of "Arrow" season 4 episode 5.

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