victorian mansion

'House Where Famous Oreo Cookie Was Invented For Sale at $15.9 Million

The Connecticut Victorian mansion was home to Nabisco founder Adolphus Green.
Real estate construction

'3.8 Million New Homes Need To Build To End Housing Shortage

The housing shortage is now seen as a threat to slow down the economy.
Robotic and Smart Home Feature Is The New Trend in NYC Apartments

'Robotic and Smart Home Feature Is The New Trend in NYC Apartments

The trendy robotic embraces small-space living using beds, closets, and desks.
Celebrity vacation Home

'Why Buying' Secondary Home' Before Primary Residence Appeals To Renters?

Buying a second home could have a financial and investment benefit for first-time home buyers.
housing market

''When Is The Housing Market Going To Crash?' Tops Google Search

Curious buyers crawl into the world wide web to search for answers about the current status of the housing market.
commercial real estate

'Converting Commercial Real Estate Into Housing Is The New Trend Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The trend of converting commercial spaces into apartment buildings also arose to have access to affordable housing in inner cities.

'Baby Boomers Retirement Plans? Move In The Same Neighborhood With Their Friends

The trend for baby boomers moving with friends is to re-create or preserve their social circles back home.
production studio

'Commercial Real Estate Booms As Demand For Permanent T.V. Studio Increases During Pandemic

The demand for streamed entertainment resulted in the need for more TV and production studios.

'Big Time Investor Acquires Two Large Fremont Buildings With Life Science Tenants

BentallGreenOak invested in two buildings with life science tenants.

'Airbnb Released New 4th of July Booking Restriction

Airbnb is banning one-day parties for the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

'Bentley Residences Soon To Rise in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

The first Bentley residential tower will feature multi-car garage and automobile elevator.

'Bamboo Seen As Ideal Building Material For Sustainable Homes

A Philippine-based company promotes bamboo as an alternative building material for socialized and sustainable housing in the country.
 OJO Labs Raises $62.5-Million in Funding, Acquires Home Listing Site

'COVID-19 Pandemic Improvement May Lead to Booming House Market

Zillow's president believes that the "great reshuffling" in the housing market may lead to more houses for sale.

'Stonehenge Doppelganger in Australia For Sale at $2.35 Million

The Stonehenge replica in Australia comes with a massive farmland and a 3-bedroom house.
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