Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece" manga has 2 upcoming chapters that come with spoilers. The spoilers of chapter 805 reveal that the mink woman will be questioned by Usopp and Zoro, while chapter 806 focuses on the mythical zoan Jack, whose real identity will be unmasked.

Yibada spills that something will make Usopp angry in chapter 805 of "One Piece." The obvious reason for Usopp's anger is because of Nami.

Nami is known as the Cat Burglar of "One Piece," and she is also the navigator of Straw Hat Pirate. For sometime, she has gone missing. So in Chapter 805, "When Usopp got angry, he called at the Mink woman to ask her about the clothes that were from Nami." He ask her what she has done to the Cat Burglar.

Youth Health Mag says that Usopp believes that it is his duty to find out what happened to Nami. Seeing the mink woman wearing Nami's clothes, he is convinced that she has something to do with the disappearance of Cat Burglar. In addition, he also thinks that she's also the leader of her troop.

However, the mink woman will not only be interrogated by Usopp. Roronoa Zoro will also be asking her of the weapon that Carrot aka Rabbit Mink is using, since it has released a high voltage.

Another spoiler that has come out in chapter 805 of "One Piece" indicates that Nami has turned herself into an animal-like creature. According to Christian Post, Cat Burglar may have transformed into an unidentified animal. That explains why the clothes of Nami is still with the mink woman. It is believed that "Mink men possess the power to transform humans into various animals."

On a different note, chapter 806 spoilers of "One Piece" state that story will also shift to mythical zoan Jack. Movie News Guide reports that Jack's identity will be unmasked.

According to MNG, avid readers of "One Piece" are intrigued of the character of Jack. It is probably because there is so little that readers know about him. But in this chapter, his real identity will already be revealed.

In addition, "One Piece" Chapter 806 spoilers state that mythical zoan Jack will leave the island of Zuo to rescue Doflamingo. Jack is also believed to have strong powers because of the massive damage that he caused in the island of Zuo.

If recalled in the records of "One Piece" wiki, mythical zoan Jack "is a pirate captain who had connections with the Underworld. This also meant that Jack and Donquixote Doflamingo ('Heavenly Yaksha') have some type of close relations or have formed an alliance in the Underworld."

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