Nintendo released a statement that the "Final Fantasy 7" hero will soon be available in "Super Smash Bros." for 3DS and Wii U as a playable fighter.

The revelation came in during the Nintendo Direct event, where a trailer showcased Cloud's abilities and smart moves with complete edge breaks. Nintendo has not given a date for Cloud and Amiibo's official crossover appearance. But fans have been speculating it will be released in December.

Cloud's presence came in as a surprise since there was no cross over that ever happened from "Final Fantasy VII" to any Nintendo System. With that being said, Cloud was seen in "Final Fantasy's" Theatrhythm music spinoff and its sequel Curtain Call in 3DS, as well as the "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories" on Game Boy Advance.

Producer Masahiro Sakurai, started an online poll earlier this year, giving the fans the chance to vote for their favorite character that they wish to cross to "Super Smash Bros" as DLC. Cloud came out to be the first new character to be unveiled following Street Fighter Ryu last April.

For some folks who are not aware, Cloud is the famous hero of the well-loved "Final Fantasy VII" (PlayStation One) and the animated film "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children." Not to mention other games like "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII," "Chocobo Racing," "Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII," "Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring," "Kingdom Hearts" and "Dissidia."

Although there was a previous rumor that came out involving "Yacht Club's" Shovel Knight appearing in Nintendo, the game company "Yacht Club" however, was quick to deny it.

Smash Bros' creator, Nintendo, is yet to reveal any other third-party crossover details and dates. Fans are hoping for "Shovel Knight's" presence, just like "Street Fighter" Ryu and other characters from different platforms who are already included in the list.