Fans had gone frenzy as the new leak about the new "Super Smash Bros." DLC indicated that "Shovel Knight Amiibo" might be showing up. The said leak even showed a release date.

On the report posted by Master Herald, "Shovel Knight Amiibo" featured newest and several third party characters. This is somewhat huge and surprising news because Amiibo has never been released openly by a third party. The leak also showed that the release date of DLC will be on Christmas holiday and Nintendo has not given any words yet to confirm or deny the intriguing rumors.

The bombarding leakage of the official Nintendo Amiibo pages were posted on Twitter under username Wario64. After going viral, Nintendo had it removed.  Developer of "Shovel Knight," The Yacht Club Games has debunked the leak.

In addition to the report, a Nintendo employee revealed another leak and gave information about the newest character to look forward in "Super Smash Bros." According to the clues, the character is popular and a newcomer, but not included in polls of top characters. It can be called up that Nintendo would provide a ballot to allow fans in choosing which third party video game character would be included or featured in the upcoming game on October 3. The clue furthermore suggested that it would be the first party character and could create big waves in social media.

Dixie Kong and King K. Rool of" Donkey Kong Country"; Inkling of "Splatoon"; Ridley of "Metroid" and Isaac of "Golden Sun" are said to be the most awaited characters to be featured in the game, says Vine Report.

In other reports about the leak, it says that "Wolf or Shantae" will be dismissed from the running and that "Shovel Knight" will be the new character. On My Nintendo News, it was reported that the said leak was debunked by Nintendo, also.