In a war in 'Super Smash Bros' among swordsmen, who do you think would win? Cloud or Link? Cloud is from "Final Fantasy VII" and Link is from "Legend of Zelda."

That war can actually be a big probability now that Nintendo's included Cloud Strife and his trusty Buster Sword in the new character roster of "Super Smash Bros."

Teased in a clip during the Nintendo Direct, Cloud comes entirely with restricted breaks, a substitute costume and an Odin summon based on his Advent Children image.

Also based on the clip, a sage of the popular "Final Fantasy VII" city called Midgar, will also be in "Super Smash Bros."

No specific date was revealed for Cloud or the Midgar stage just yet. We also don't know when to expect the inevitable Cloud amiibo figure. At the latter part of the clip, new Chocobo costumes for Mii Fighter are shown.

 According to Tech Times, Cloud's appearance in "Super Smash Bros" is quite a surprise thinking that "Final Fantasy VII's" never been in any Nintendo game systems. Cloud did have some guesting but only in the form of a music spinoff, "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy" and its "Curtain Call" installment on Nintendo 3DS, also in Game Boy Advance, "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories."

Cloud and his large Buster Sword and a new level based on Midgar from "Final Fantasy VII" are in the roster of Nintendo's "Coming Soon" on the Super Smash Bros official website. Cloud's onset to the franchise is the second time Nintendo has collaborated with a competitor like Square Enix, reports Comic Book.

Nintendo announced in the Nintendo Direct presentation that "Final Fantasy VII" character Cloud Strife, will be a playable DLC character when he joins "Super Smash Bros."

The Nintendo Direct featured Cloud in action, doing his well-known Buster Sword moves and joined by some mascot Chocobos from the "Final Fantasy" franchise.

Who are other external characters that are in the roster of Nintendo? Are they joining Cloud in the "Super Smash Bros?" This will be revealed during the Nintendo Direct in December for "Super Smash Bros."

Futher details on Cloud's joining Super Smash Bros will be revealed during a special Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct event in December.