"Pokken Tournament" is a new title released by The Pokemon Company, and this is not the same with any other game of "Pokemon." The new title has a new array of features which was shown in the latest trailer released by the developer.

The trailer features a new version of the Mewtwo series, as it was first seen by NeoGAF. Dark Mewtwo is the name of the new Mewtwo and is a restatement of the Pokemon that hasn't been in any other show or manga game. The clip below features a battle between "Pokken Tournament" Gengar and Dark Mewtwo, in what seems to be a game arena.

Although the developer has yet to verify whether they will make Dark Mewtwo to be a playable game in Wii U, as based on some reports, Dark Mewtwo could possibly be an end-game boss for gamers. It's also likely that Dark Mewtwo could be in the speculated game "Pokemon Z" for the 3DS. Well, for now, Mewtwo has X and Y Mega Evolutions for both "Pokemon" X and Y.

The character roster of "Pokken Tournament" for Wii U is already filled with many characters, these include Lucario, Charizard, MaChamp, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Suicine, and of course, Pikachu. IBTimes reported that gamers can also assist and summon Pokemons during the fight, like Fenniken, Emolga, Lapras and Snivy.

"Pokken Tournament" is made to utilize Pokemon in battles. The game is based on "Tekken." It is different from Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros" as the forthcoming "Pokken Tournament" will have a direct one-against-one playstyle rather than a number against different characters.

The game "Pokken Tournament" is only accessible in Japanese arcades. On the other hand, there are speculations that the fighting game is set to release in Nintendo Wii U soon! Are you excited? Let us know what you think about this news by leaving your comments below.