Holly Meyer Lucas on How to Succeed Despite the Pandemic

'Holly Meyer Lucas on How to Succeed Despite the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on most industries, including restaurants, retail, and event venues. While these financial downturns have caused problems, Holly Meyer Lucas still believes that it's possible to succeed while things are tough.
2 Years, 600 Real Estate Scholarships, and Kris Lindahl Is Just Getting Started

'2 Years, 600 Real Estate Scholarships, and Kris Lindahl Is Just Getting Started

Josh Mandel got one, and now he's closed on 17 houses with 10 more pending in less than 8 months. Danielle Maas got one, and she's closed on 8 houses with 9 more pending in just 4 months. Ashley Doerr got one, and she's closed on 20 houses with 5 pending in less than 7 months.
Black Handled Key on Key Hole

'Missing Housing Market? What is the Reason for This?

The missing housing market may not be noticeable at first, but now it is gaining traction and many are starting to take notice. Why is there a missing market?
marriage or mortgage

'New Netflix Series 'Marriage or Mortgage' Weighs on Dream Wedding vs. Dream Home

It's a battle between practicality and once in a lifetime event come true. This is the big question couples in the new Netflix series "Marriage or Mortgage" have to answer as they prepare to take their relationship to the next level.
Paper house with drafts and money

'The Collapse of a Huge Company Frees up a Real Estate Area

The collapse of a well-known company in the Bay Area resulted in the freeing up of the prime real estate. This makes investing in the area now easier.
Mortgage Rates Rising

'Mortgage Prices Are Rising Up and Fast, Worrying Many

Recently, mortgage prices have started to increase in many market locations, some up to 3 months high. It is now worrying many homeowners and renters alike.
Real estate construction

'The Future Of Real Estate: What Does It Hold in 2021

The future of real estate is similar to a mixed bag: inside it can be either good or bad things overall. But what are possible things that future can hold?
Set of black opened envelope and cash dollars

'New Rental Assistance Money Will Be Coming Soon Quickly

Rental assistance is soon to arrive in many tenants and landlords alike in the upcoming days. Hopefully, the said assistance can greatly help the many in need.
Aerial Photo Of Brown 3-story House

'Confidence in Homebuilding Increases Steadily, Despite Real Estate Market Issues

A steady rise and increase of confidence of many homebuilders is a positive sign in the housing industry, despite having issues within the real estate industry.

'Trump's Former Plaza Hotel & Casino Recently Been Demolished

The former property of Trump, the hotel plaza and casino property located in New Jersey, has been recently demolished. But why was it demolished?
Black Calculator Near Ballpoint Pen on White Printed Paper

'Cities To Best Invest in Real Estate in This Year of 2021

When choosing from the cities around the country to invest in, it might be a hard thing to do so. But luckily, there are many cities to choose easily for that.
Brown Wooden Bridge

'Some Caribbean Islands That You Can Affordably Live In

Surprisingly it may seem, affordable Caribbean island living is completely possible if you look hard enough for those islands. Living in style is now easier.
Deteriorating room of an abandoned property.

'An Abandoned Eerie Mansion Is Found With Booze Inside It

A recently found eerie abandoned real estate property in the form of a mansion has been found with lots of... booze? Strangely enough, there are still more.
Zoom advertising on a building

'Zoom Becoming the New Essential Tool in Real Estate

Zoom might be known for its primary function of conference video calling, but it has recently become a favorite tool used in the real estate market. But why?
London, UK

'London's Skinniest House with the Most Intricate Interior: Buy It For $950,000!

If you are looking for the skinniest house in the market today, then you should head to London to purchase the said property before others do purchase it.
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