"One-Punch Man" episode 4 review gets a rating of B+ from critics. The anime series seems to have a roller coaster ride with its critics, as previous episode gets an A-rating.

Anime News Network says that the rating given to the latest episode is based on the criteria of the anime series itself. If the rating is based on the "action-anime standards, this episode was totally great,but by (the now insanely high) 'One-Punch Man' standards, it was just okay."

ANN adds that episode 4 of "One-Punch Man" focus on the standout animation of Sonic. However, whenever Sonic moved he looked blurry. The pacing and sense of humor are noted solid as well. Although, it appears like "the energy of past vignettes is being sequestered again for future adventures instead, giving us an enjoyable but not enthralling entry in the interim."

It is also noted that the storyline looks like a set up for another story arc in the future. However, at the last part of the episode, the monsters who gave Hammerhead his suit were not satisfied with his efforts, "and Saitama and Genos will be headed to the Superhero DMV next week to get certified."

To backtrack a little, Kpopstarz gives a recap of the "One-Punch Man" episode 4 to get better understanding of how ANN arrives with its review. The current episode revealed about Hammerhead, a man who is "out to make a utopia of the overworked and underpaid model of modern society." However, nobody gave attention to him despite telling people on the street his plans against Zeniru, the rich owner of an apartment around the corner.

In episode 4 of "One-Punch Man," Zeniru hired Speed-o-Sound Sonic as his bodyguard to protect him from Hammerhead and his bald group. Sonic told the group of Hammerhead that nobody survived with him. Indeed, he beheaded all the members of the bald group.

However, since our "One-Punch Man" titular hero was also bald, he was suspected as the member of Hammerhead's group. So he fought Sonic after he fought Hammerhead. Obviously, Sonic could not win the fight. He vowed to train and fight Saitama in the future, as he could barely stand from the pain since Saitama gave him one punch in the crotch.

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