Glimpse of Italian style garden with pool...
 $85 Million Beverly Hills Home Targets Ultra-Rich
$85 Million Beverly Hills Home Targets Ultra-Rich
Changes In Stamp Duty Expected To Help Millions Of Home Buyers
The Candy Brothers Development One Hyde Park Is Launched
Brooke House
  • To Die For Celebrity House Features Worth Stealing
  • Although being a celebrity is a much more detailed and strenuous job description than most of us are led to believe, it's not hard to believe that if given the chance, we'd rather have the looks and talents of a famous actor/actress just so we can enjoy the millions of money they make along with many other perks that come with being a famous personality.
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Power Outage Across East Coast
  • N.Y. Equity Firm New Major Investor In Residential Property Insurer
  • Wellington Insurance Group, a distribution business based in Texas and specializes in the delivery and administration of residential property insurance welcomes a majority investor in a definitive agreement with Aquiline Capital Partners LLC, a private equity firm based in New York investing in financial services, reports
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2007 Xian Autumn Real Estate Trade Fair
House Prices Widen The North-South Divide
  • England Property Prices Continue to Boom - except Wales and Scotland
  • The Office of National Statistics released the previous year's figures on headline UK house prices showing its increase by 7.7 per cent in the year to November 2015. Experts are convinced that the numbers will continue to rise; however, looking deeply into the figures, an alarming divide between England, Wales and Scotland, can be observed, Independent reports.
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Home Prices Drop To Lowest Level Since 2006
Scarecrows Work the Farmers'' Fields
House Prices, Cigarettes and Whisky Expected To Feature In Budget
House Prices, Cigarettes and Whisky Expected To Feature In Budget
Sales Of Existing Homes Rise In April, As Prices Drop
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