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Old house remodelling
  • Home Selling Tips: Which Remodeling Projects Increase House Value?
  • Remodeling your home can be one of the most exciting things about owning a house. While it may be the perfect time for you to personalize your home and add some personal touch to its design, you may also want to look ahead and see if your remodeling projects would help boost your house value and get more offers from buyers.
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Veterinary Students In Training
  • Can Your Next-Door Neighbor’s Pet Affect Your House Value?
  • Several homeowners cannot live without their pets with them. While it is pretty common and acceptable to live with a pet dog or cat at home, other homeowners are going as far as taking in cows or pigs as their pets. If you had a neighbor who owns wild animals and takes them for pets, how will this affect your house value?
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Target Corp. Reported A 4 percent increase in second-quarter profits
  • Home Selling: Which Retail Company Helps Boost House Value?
  • Location is one of the things that help determine the house value when the time comes for you to sell your home. While others believe that being located near a good school is one of the best places to boost the house value, recent reports suggest that being located next to a retail company may also help boost the selling price of your home.
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Existing Home Sales And Prices Hit Record High
Melanie and Antonio Expand Their LA Home
  • Famous Homes Priced Under $1 Million
  • Celebrity homes are often flocked with countless offers from buyers in the real estate market. However, most people know that houses once owned by celebrities come with a hefty price tag, and therefore, very few can afford to live in one.
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Real estate agent Maurice Dolan (R) hands out information on a home for sale during an open house
  • How to Host an Open House Like a Pro
  • Open house is that certain time wherein you are opening your home for viewing. This means that you need to show off the features that will definitely attract people into buying your home. How can you host an open house like a pro?
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Housing Prices Continue To Fall
Existing Home Sales And Prices Hit Record High
  • Can You Sell Your Home in Less than 50 Days?
  • The demand for houses is slowly increasing, as more homebuyers are looking to shift from renting to owning their homes. This comes as good news for home sellers, but does this mean you can sell your house in less than 50 days?
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Siberian Prison That Once Housed Author Dostoevsky Now Welcomes Tourists
20 Years Since The Rodney King Verdict Sparked Infamous L.A. Riots
Ron Mows Lawn
US Home Prices Post Largest Gain Since 2005
Sales Of Existing Homes In July Reached Prerecession Levels
$1 Reserve Blacktown Home Goes To Auction
  • The Potential of Auction as Part of Home Selling Strategy
  • Home selling like home buying is never easy. You need to have a strategy to be successful in selling your home. In selling a home, there are three main ways through which you proceed with your selling plan. You may try and choose from a Tender and Private sale, or even via Auction.
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Index Of Pending Sales For U.S. Homes Falls Almost 2 Percent
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