Kath R.
 Canyon Dusk

'Canyon Dusk: This 2021 Color Palette Trend is the Key to your Dream Modern Minimalist Home

This dusty pink shade with a mix of cozy, warm, and light terracotta shade is perfect for the modern minimalist home of your dreams.
How much does a castle costs nowadays?

'Fairytale-Inspired Home Designed By Sleeping Beauty's Castle Architech For Sale at $2.5 Million

Make your Disney Princess dreams come true with this fairytale-inspired house in California.
Modular Home

'Pros and Cons of Getting a Modular Home in the Middle of COVID-19 Crisis

A modular home could be the perfect solution to address homelessness and expensive housing during COVID-19 pandemic.
3D-printed Houses Put Into Use In Shanghai

'3D Printed House For $300K Is The Next Big Thing in Real Estate

The 3D-printed house is built with the help of a gigantic 3D printing machine. The device melts down solid materials and cast out the design like a hot glue gun.
real estate listing

'Millennials' Obsession with Online Real Estate Listing Hilariously Showcased in a Parody

SNL skit made fun of millennials obsessing over Zillow real estate listings.
covid-19 vaccine

'Short-Term Rental Discount on COVID-19 Vaccine Recipient: Wise or Discriminatory?

Airbnb hosts said it is a violation of the nondiscriminatory policy and fair housing law.
Burj Khalifa

'163 Floors? 2021 World's Top 10 Tallest Buildings Revealed!

Check out the world's most breathtaking skyscraper that houses some of the biggest and most sought-after offices and apartment.

'Bridgerton-Vibe Castle For Sale at $9.85 Million

Attention Bridgerton fans! This dreamy castle is waiting for you!
home bar

'How to Create a DIY Home Bar According to Experts

Happy hours have never been like this before.

'Most Wish-Listed Airbnb Revealed and It Looks Straight Out of a Fairytale

Who needs a five-star hotel or a luxury front beach accommodation when you can peacefully lounge in a dreamy treehouse with a view of the ocean?

'Google to Provide More Affordable Housing Thru North Mountain View Proposal

The Google proposal includes 1,400 affordable housing out of the 7,000 new houses they will build.
The Weeknd

'The Weeknd Rents $100K Tampa Mansion for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Why stay in a five star hotel when you have the money to rent a mansion before a major performance of your career?
extra room

'7 Ways To Transform The Extra Room Into a Functional Space

Stop wasting that extra space and slowly turn it into a storage room!
Jeff Bezos

'Jeff Bezos: Houses, Mansions, and Real Estate 2021

Like Amazon products, Bezos' properties were also scattered all over the country from Washington, West Texas, Beverly Hills, and Seattle to New York City.

'How Remote Online Notarization Works?

Embrace the "new normal" with remote online notarization.
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