Assorted Flowers Beside Brown Concrete House a Nighttime

'Housing Market on Fire: Market Striving Amid the Coronavirus

Experts say the current housing market is hot, almost being on fire in locations with low COVID-19 cases, as demand for housing has risen amidst the pandemic.
Brown Apartment

'New SFR Platform by Rangewater Recently Launched for $800m

A new housing platform by RangeWater was recently launched. It's a Single-Family Rental (SFR) sector platform, wherein it is expected to support 15 communities.
White 2-storey House Near Trees

'Celebrities Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Purchase $49 Million Property

Celebrities Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have recently purchased a $49 million 4-acre property that is located in Montecito Estate.
House Decoration

'Collection Decoration: Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

If you have a collection of various items, such as trading cards, action figures, and anime/manga merchandise, then you need to know these tips and tricks!
Japanese-Inspired Homes From Shows You'd Wished To Be Your Own in Real Life

'Japanese-Inspired Homes From Shows You'd Wished To Be Your Own in Real Life

Which of the known Japanese-inspired homes would you like to live in real life if you are given the chance to do so? Which would you choose and why choose that one?

'Rep. Marcia Fudge Chosen as the New HUD Secretary by Biden

The new HUD secretary Rep. Marcia Fudge has been chosen by the next president of the United States, Joe Biden, as part of his new administration next year.

'Disney's Classic Movie 'Home Alone' Gets a Sweet Tribute

Do you remember the hit 90's movie "Home Alone"? It has been 30 years since it first premiered in the cinemas and Disney is now making a sweet tribute to that movie.

'How to Make Your Closet Spacious Without Throwing Things Out!

Needing a new closet design? Home stagers are here to save your day when it comes to designing and/or renovating your home closets.

'House 101: Common Mistakes Home Builders Usually Do and How To Spot It

Usually, home builders aren't perfect people and tend to make common mistakes during their careers. But can you spot those common mistakes?
Christmas Trees That You Should Definitely Look at Today

'Christmas Trees That You Should Definitely Look at Today

Need to choose from new Christmas trees but cannot decide on one? Maybe this will help you choose the perfect one for your Christmas decor at home.
Millennial Homeownership: Why They Find It Tough to Buy Homes

'Millennial Homeownership: Why They Find It Tough to Buy Homes

Many millennials find it hard to buy homes for themselves, a problem not encountered by those who belong to the earlier generation.

'New Homebuyer Programs Being Implemented for Maryland People

Maryland residents can take advantage of the Homebuyer Program that is being implemented by their local government. It prioritizes first-time buyers.

'Holiday Real Estate: When Is the Good Time To Buy & Sell?

When it comes to dealing with holiday real estate properties when is the perfect time for buying or selling such property? Do you need to make perfect timing?
How the Whole Hotel Sector Prepares for Winter Season

'How the Whole Hotel Sector Prepares for Winter Season

When the winter comes, how does the whole hotel sector prepares for the season? Do they have elaborate plans for it? Or just simple ones instead? You might be surprised at how many hotel chains in this sector prepares for this kind of season each year.
Some Rooms That Baffle New Homeowners When They Move In

'Some Rooms That Baffle New Homeowners When Moving in

When homeowners moved into their newly redecorated homes, sometimes they get baffled about some rooms that they do not have an idea for its use.
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