When homeowners moved into their newly redecorated homes, sometimes they get baffled about some rooms that they do not have an idea for its use. 

In some instances, newly moved-in homeowners can find bizarre, strange, and downright weird rooms in their new homes. There are also some common rooms that new homeowners do not know how to use. Hopefully, after reading this, you may find a good use for the rooms that otherwise confuse you.

According to US News, there are commonly known rooms that new homeowners don't know what to do or how to repurpose. They said that there are four common rooms in a house that homeowners don't normally use. Once the home has been sold, the new homeowners who will eventually move in will naturally face the same problem. Listed below are those said rooms:

  • Formal Dining Room
  • Extra Guest Bedroom
  • Porch
  • Wide hallway, tiny room, or an oversized closet 

Many have said that having a formal dining room designed in the past isn't needed anymore. Therefore, new homeowners find this room confusing and are at a loss on how to repurpose it. Most have converted this room into a workplace and study room area. 

An extra guest room is usually converted into either an office or a study room for kids. If there is a nanny in the household, that room can be used for the nanny's living quarters. 

Porch areas in a home are usually now being converted into an extra entertainment space, such as making it an extra room for watching movies or just a place to hang out. Some even fully deck it out with small amenities, especially if the porch area is covered and secured. While for the last type of room, it depends on the need of the new homeowners. For example, the wide hallway can be used for a place of indoor exercise.

According to New Homes & Ideas, there are some useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to handling rooms. They will come in handy when you want to repurpose some rooms in your new home. Listed below are those said tips:

Tips to Keep In Mind When It Comes To Repurposing Rooms

  1. Any unfinished space is precious.
  2. Find and discover new uses for your unused spaces.
  3. Both bonus and flex rooms can be used for anything.
  4. Use your basement room as an extra space.
  5. Even closets, crannies, and nooks can be used too.
  6. Also, keep the garage space in your mind.
  7. Prioritize your needs in deciding what to do with your unused room. 

Need more tips in repurposing your other rooms? Don't worry, as there are more of those you can keep in mind. According to Bob Vila, below are the other additional tips you can follow:

Other Useful Tips When It Comes to Repurposing Rooms

  1. Imagination is welcomed when repurposing a room.
  2. Being crafty is highly advised.
  3. Learn how to redesign rooms and spaces.
  4. Make spaces for guests as well.
  5. Create a cozy home office space.
  6. Create a studio room for your hobbies.
  7. Set up a library if you have a collection of books.
  8. Set up an indoor gym to keep yourself fit.
  9. Create a playroom for the kids.
  10. Create a playroom for your pets.


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