The upcoming remake of the 'Final Fantasy' has been rumored to be released in 2017 in the PS4. An update on the state of the Final Fantasy VII Remake reveals that the title's visuals are starting to come together, but experimentation is ongoing when it comes to combat, as conveyed by IGN. New changes will be implemented in the upcoming remake for the PS4 Game. The producer, Yoshinori Kitase, described that the progress is being made, while reiterating what has been said previously about the need to update the ancient turn-based battle system. Although the remake is still undergoing the trial and error stages, it gives a promising outcome.

There is still much work to be done for the 'Final Fantasy 7' remake to come out perfectly. A lot of modifications are needed and according to a recent article by Gematsu, "Although the company is starting to see the visual direction, the battle system is currently being worked out through trial-and-error." Subsequently, there's a likelihood that the command battle scheme of the old timers might not be effective or might not work nowadays. The company is still thinking as to the kind of direction that will be most effective for the 'Final Fantasy' remake game.

As 'Final Fantasy' fans and followers enjoyed the predecessor of the game, the remake will be even more worthwhile. The game features new challenges and levels that are stunning and full of enjoyment. The remake will indeed be a thrilling one once it is released in the gaming industry. The company is well aware of the reality that in remakes, it is somewhere along the lines of a familiar action RPG, but at the same time provides surprising events and challenges for its players.

As to the rumored date of release, it has not yet been confirmed nor denied by the company. According to an earlier report by Gematsu, "The Final Fantasy VII Remake does not have a release date [yet]."