The North American fans of the limited version of "The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone"  expansion may need to be more patient as they have to wait a little longer for the physical copies of this game. CD Projekt Red had already issued an apology on its forum for the delay in release, which has affected the  special boxed versions at the GameStop stores across the America. Its developer cited some "logistical problems" as the cause of the delay that is expected to affect the game's delivery for a number of days following its date of release.

The game contains more than ten hours  filled  with fresh content, new monsters, characters, an unusual romance and fresh storyline that will feature player option.

In the initial expansion, the gamers from everywhere are demanding to have their copies of Hearts of Stone.  Sadly, they will need to wait a little longer. CD Projekt Red has announced today about the several days delay of the game's boxed edition after the launching. It was confirmed as well that it is going to be a GameStop exclusive, Hardcore Gamer reported.

The forum further apologized for the trouble  and assured that its developer is continuously working with GameStop to address the situation. Meanwhile, users may still buy the game digitally that is, if they wish to play it exactly on its release date, Game Spot said.

It will be available in a few days, but given its unavailability for pre-order at the GameStop site, it's probably not wise to get a copy.

"Hearts of Stone" was much received in a GameSpot's review, though not as good as its original base game that  earned an elusive ten out of ten, and with the editor Mike Mahardy who praised the game's  engrossing quests, dialogue and storytelling and depth of its themes.