While the "Fallout 4" is set to have an international release on Nov. 10, it seems like the New Zealand is, technically, going to get this game first. But with the VPN and time zones in tow, it may still be possible for the U.S. PC following to get in - 20 hours ahead.

"Fallout 4" has been among the most publicized games in previous memory, however, that will not always be positive things. Many of those publicized games have often ended up upsetting, although Bethesda has a flawless track record, the risks are off if a game is as eagerly awaited and  publicized as the Fallout 4 is. So what happens if this game will be disappointing?

In an interview with The Examiner, Pete Hines of Bethesda said that its team will do the very best in order to bring about the promise of the game from the E3 debut, Gaming Bolt reported.

There are some reasons why we are not able to move into specific aspects of its procedure. One would be due to a number of the VPN services that have slightly varied ways of altering someone's IP territory. Having said that, famous services like NordVPN and Private Internet Access may be accessed for only some few dollars per month.

Another evident disadvantage is that by using VPNs, it is technically going against the license agreement of Steam's end user. The document indicates that using those technologies may result in the banning of an infringing account. The gamers in a source thread already finished the feat having little issue, however, it's the individual's risk to do it, Design Trend reported.

Although it's likely to use the VPNs on Xbox One and PS4 with correct setup, the technique is mostly aimed to a PC crowd. This is the main reason for Steam to be mentioned as its chosen platform.

There is only a month left before Fallout 4 is released. We shall know quite soon, anyway, but maybe Bethesda won't be having much worries.