Technically speaking, New Zealand will be the first country to download "Fallout 4" once it starts to be released on Nov. 10. However, U.S. gamers can try to beat the clock and download it 20 hours ahead of the rest by using a VPN.

"Fallout 4" is one of the most anticipated action-role playing game of the year set in a post apocalyptic environment.  If given a chance, U.S. based, die-hard gamers would move to New Zealand to simply be the first to download the game among the rest.  And in theory, a virtual private network or VPN can do the trick, Design and Trend reported.

If a user lives in the U.S., logging into a VPN will allow them to spoof their IP address, or choose their desired location, which in this case New Zealand Design and Trend reported. The download server will now think that the user that is downloading the game is actually coming from New Zealand because of its IP address, but in reality it is not Gaming Bolt reported

Now, there is a drawback with this VPN technique, Steam's end user license agreement strictly prohibits using VPN.  If a user is caught, it may result in a ban of the user's account.  Though, there are several gamers who have tried this process who encountered no issues at all, it is still a risk.

On a side note, fans are being a little skeptical about Bethesda' ability to deliver another great game, especially that this is the fourth of the series. Though, Bethesda, has a proven track record for delivering only the best.  Pete Hines, Bethesda's Vice President of PR and marketing, confirmed that the developer will be delivering what it has promised the fans Gaming Bolt reported.

"Truthfully, I hope to be able to say we ended up delivering on and executing on the promise that we showed in the [E3] showcase," as Hines said on the report. 

Just a few more days before "Fallout 4" finally arrives.  Everybody is hoping that this will not be a disappointment.