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Person signing loan agreement for purchase of apartment

'Mortgage Relief Affected as COVID-19 Assistance Ending Soon

Many are worried about the end of their COVID-19 mortgage relief assistance, which is coming soon enough. How are they going to move forward once it ends?
Humayun’s Tomb Under Blue Sky

'DDA Flats Attracts 15,000 Interested Applicants

DDA's (Delhi Development Authority) new housing scheme has attracted more than 15,000 applicants, now that the said housing project is nearing its deadline.
Two Women Having a Meeting Inside Glass-panel Office

'Kaplan Real Estate Education Partners Up For Behavioral Help

A well-known education provider, Kaplan Real Estate Education, has announced its partnership with a certain training school to provide behavioural courses.
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'Highest Listing in Sanibel Island Market Appears for $16.9M

Sanibel Island's real estate market made headlines after a property on the famous island was listed with an asking selling price of $16.9 million.
City View at London

'UK Real Estate Market Now Dips Prices

Good news is coming to the real estate market in the United Kingdom as many real estate properties are starting to lower their prices overall.
Aerial Photography of Brown-and-white Concrete Buildings Under Blue Sky

'First Ever Digital Village in Europe Is a Volcanic Island

Europe's digital village, the first of its kind in the country, will be located on a volcanic island that is known for its small size in the global map.
Skyline Photo of Empire State Building in New York City

'TikTok User Rallies Followers To Roast Worst NYC Apartment

A TikTok user has recently posted a video, rallying his followers to roast the worst New York City apartment he has found ever.
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'Apple's 'WeCrashed' Update: New Soap Opera Gets a Huge Buff in Its Cast

WeCrashed, Apple's new soap opera TV series will now get a huge buff in its cast, thanks to the addition of both superstars Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto.
Low Angle Photography of Brown Brick Building

'Real Estate Company RangeWater Selects A New Management Tool

The known real estate company RangeWater has chosen a new management tool in order to streamline their real estate operations, in order to smoothen operations.
Sun Piercing of Brown Concrete House Near Sea

'The Meaning of Contingent House Listing in Real Estate

The term "Contingent House Listing" is not known by many that are involved in the real estate industry. What does that term exactly mean?
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'Cryptocurrency in Real Estate: Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Payment Method

Cryptocurrency is a payment method slowly but eventually being introduced in the world's economy, and many are anticipating it in the real estate market.
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'Celebrity Mansion of Stallone Now For Sale at $130 Million

The Los Angeles mansion of famous celebrity action star Sylvester Stallone is now listed for sale for about $130 million. Will you buy it if given the chance?
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'Home Renovation 2021: Asian-Themed Home Designs You Can Use

There are some home designs that are inspired by Asian design that are currently present in the real estate market that you can use for your next renovation.
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'Top Abandoned Real Estate That Are for Ready to be Yours

Throughout the whole country, abandoned American-styled buildings can be seen in many places. They are left by their previous owners intentionally or not.
Home of Infamous 'Brutal Axe Murderer' Gets Listed for $2M-- And It's Getting In-Demand

'Home of Infamous 'Brutal Axe Murderer' Gets Listed for $2M-- And It's Getting In-Demand

Throughout the many years, there are homes that were related to infamous murders that happened in human history. One of them is the home of Lizzie Borden.
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