Holly Meyer Lucas on How to Succeed Despite the Pandemic
(Photo : Holly Meyer Lucas on How to Succeed Despite the Pandemic)

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on most industries, including restaurants, retail, and event venues. While these financial downturns have caused problems, Holly Meyer Lucas still believes that it's possible to succeed while things are tough.

Holly Meyer Lucas is the owner of Meyer Lucas Real Estate, a high-end firm that specializes in sports, entertainment, and multi-million-dollar properties. The pandemic has made it harder for people to afford the properties she sells, but the real estate market is generally in good shape right now. "Homes and properties are at an all-time high in pricing," she says. "This housing boom is amazing for business, but it won't last forever." Holly therefore wants to help other real estate professionals and entrepreneurs weather the pandemic. "If you can, take this time to sell lots of properties before the market crashes again. Give your buyers and sellers realistic expectations. If someone wants to wait for prices to go down, keep them as a lead and contact them later." She also emphasizes the value of hard work. "Working through the pandemic has not been easy, but if you get up every day and do your best, it's likely that you'll be able to weather the storm."

Holly Meyer Lucas didn't start out her career in real estate. She was traveling across the country and selling IT solutions to hospitals. However, it eventually hit her that this was not what she was destined to do. "It just didn't feel right. It was quickly clear as day to me that I had to find something I was passionate about, not just something that pays the bills. That's how I settled on real estate."

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. However, since it seems like it will affect our lives for some time, real estate agents should work through it and sell as much as they can now.