A study shows that moving houses is found to be more stressful than breakups or divorce. While moving houses is something that most people will go through several times in their lives, the process should not be as stressful if you were able to prepare yourself and your items beforehand.

A study conducted by E.ON UK on 2,000 adults showed that six out of 10 people or 62 percent found moving houses as the most stressful event in their lives. This is higher than break ups or divorce, which only received 43 percent and starting a new job at 43 percent.

Looking deeper into the matter, the publication notes that 25 percent of home movers stated that their most stressful moment was trying to remember to re-direct their mails to their new address. Around 20 percent said that lifting and moving boxes was the most stressful moment in moving.

The other 14 percent said that they had a hard time remembering which is which once they take their furniture apart prior to the move. About 13 percent forget to take note of readings of their utility bills while 11 percent are unable to wire up the electrics.

While moving homes can definitely be a stressful experience, Realtor.com notes that it all lies in proper and adequate preparation. Given that the majority of respondents said that remembering to re-direct their mails to their new addresses was their most stressful moment, it would be wise, therefore, to notify their employer, medical insurance company, family and friends about their new address prior to their move.

Packing and unpacking can be made easier by taking advantage of this time to purge out the closet and get rid of things you no longer need. It would also be good to label boxes according to the things contained inside in order to make it easier for you to unpack your items later on. It is also advisable to keep your personal items with you instead of keeping it with the rest of your items.