How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Moving Scams

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Apr 18, 2016 07:18 AM EDT
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Moving is already a stressful and tedious process. Luckily, there are moving companies out there that you can hire to help you make the process easier and less stressful. However, if you do not carefully research the company you are hiring to move your items to your new house or apartment, you might fall prey to these moving scams.

Even in this day and age, a lot of people can still end up becoming victims of scams. As previously reported here on Realty Today, there are certain fees that renters and homeowners do not know about until they make their actual move.

For instance, movers can suddenly charge you with a certain fee if you ask them to move your things from the doorstep to the inside of your house. Because of this, many renters and homeowners end up paying more than what they initially expected. listed four of the most common moving scams that many people still end up becoming a victim of. According to the publication, one in 10 people who are moving reports that their furniture has been held hostage until they give the company more money.

"A mover will load your items into their truck, drive to your unload location, and demand more money on the spot before unlocking the truck or unloading your items," said CEO of HireAHelper, Mike Glanz.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of this moving scam, homeowners or renters are advised to know all about the fees beforehand and get this listed in writing. One can also hire local laborers to unload their items.

Other moving scams include a change in the weight of items, broker scammers, and an initial cheaper estimate. Homeowners and renters, therefore, are advised to research thoroughly on the moving companies in their area before deciding to hire one. Find out more about the company through feedbacks and reviews posted online by previous customers.

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