House Moving Tips: What to Do When Your Moving Company Breaks a Valuable Item

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Apr 05, 2016 06:31 AM EDT
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Moving houses is one of the most stressful events in one's life because it entails a major change, which requires you to manage a couple of things at the same time. While hiring a moving company to help you with your items can take a lot of the burden away, accidents can sometimes happen, which results to damages. What should you do when your moving company breaks a valuable item?

Moving companies are pretty helpful in making the move easier and stress-free. Unfortunately, accidents are sometimes bound to happen even when the moving companies took extra care in moving your items to your new house. notes that one should, therefore, be knowledgeable about the terms and conditions stated in the contract with the moving company. This means that you should know beforehand what the company will be responsible for and how much they are willing to cover in case of damage in one of your items.

If you have already taken note of these things prior to your move, then you will know which items you need to take with you and which ones can be given to your moving companies. For example, if the moves state that they will not responsible for any damage to your entertainment system, then maybe it would be better if you brought the system with you in your car.

You also need to make a complete list of items that were damaged after the move by filling up the Bill of Lading or inventory sheet. Claims should also be filed before the timeframe for claiming damages comes to an end.

Damage to your items is only one of the few problems you may encounter with moving companies. As previously reported on Realty Today, some people experience missing items and late deliveries.

It is, therefore, advisable to keep all the valuable items with you in order to prevent any major problems should the moving company experience a delay in the delivery of your items or should they encounter any problems during the move.

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