"Sons of Anarchy" is by far one of the most successful series on FX. The Charlie Hunnam-led series ran on the network for seven seasons and while the show has come to an end in 2014, series creator Kurt Sutter has previously announced that an "SOA" prequel was in the works. Will Charlie Hunnam and Brad Pitt begin filming for the movie this fall?

"Sons of Anarchy" may have ended in 2014, but its legacy has lived on in the hearts of its fans and viewers. While the FX series ended with Jackson 'Jax' Teller's (Charlie Hunnam) death, series creator Kurt Sutter previously revealed that a movie prequel will be released sometime in the future.

"People absolutely loved the show, as did I, and I have put a lot of thought into the matter, and we are going forward with turning it into a feature film," Sutter told Empire News.

The showrunner also revealed several details about the "SOA" prequel, including the possibility of having Brad Pitt play the role of Jax' father, John, in the movie. Sutter also hinted that a fan-favorite character, Opie Winston will also return for the upcoming movie.

Sutter also revealed that filming for the prequel will begin this fall and the "Sons of Anarchy" prequel is expected to be released by the end of 2016.

Does this mean Charlie Hunnam will begin filming for the movie prequel this fall?

It seems unlikely so, as the 35-year-old actor currently has his hands full in filming Guy Ritchie's "Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur."

The "Pacific Rim" actor also expressed his uncertainties over his reprisal in "Sons of Anarchy" prequel, as the story will begin years before Jax was born.

"I'm not sure when it would happen though, he's got another TV show he's working on. I don't know if he needs me as a lead actor on that too," he said, according to Movie News Guide.