Just when you thought you've seen the last of "Sons of Anarchy" on TV following its season finale in 2014, Charlie Hunnam, who starred in the FX series as Jax Teller, revealed that an "SOA" prequel is in the works. Will the rumored prequel still include Hunnam or will it be an entirely new cast?

Charlie Hunnam is best known for his outstanding performance as Jax Teller in the series, "Sons of Anarchy." While the show wrapped up with his character's death in 2014, fans may still see their well-loved series back on TV.

In an interview with Men's Magazine, the 35-year-old actor revealed that he was initially saddened to hear the news that his character was going to die in the end. Hunnam, however, sat through and discussed the entire scene with series creator Kurt Sutter.

"At the end of it we both realized that it would have been more tragic to let him live after what he had gone through. In my heart Jax has found peace," Hunnam said.

The "Pacific Rim" actor also revealed that a "Sons of Anarchy" prequel is in the works with Brad Pitt starring in the series as Jax's father, John. While some fans may be thrilled to see Hunnam back on the small screens, he expressed uncertainty over reprising his role in the series.

"I'm not sure when it would happen though, he's got another TV show he's working on. I don't know if he needs me as a lead actor on that too," he admitted.

Meanwhile, Hunnam will be appearing in several movies including the upcoming movie, "Crimson Peak." Hunnam is also currently filming for his next movie, "Knights of the Round Table" wherein he is rumored to star alongside David Beckham, Inquisitr reported.

Beckham is said to have landed the role of the Blackleg leader. Hunnam will be playing as King Arthur in the movie next to Jude Law's Vortigern.