Charlie Hunnam has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. It really isn't such a wonder how the 35-year-old actor can easily sweep ladies off of their feet with just one smoldering look. So how does the "Sons of Anarchy" bad boy maintain that kind of body?

Charlie Hunnam is best known for his role as bad boy biker Jax Teller in the FX series, "Sons of Anarchy". While looking great is definitely a part of the job, Hunnam admitted that achieving that kind of body does not happen overnight.

In an interview with Men's Health (via Popsugar), the "Pacific Rim" actor shared the secret to achieving perfectly toned muscles in the arms, shoulders, back, and that six-pack abs.

Hunnam, who's currently filming on the set of his upcoming movie, "Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur," revealed that his workout consists of 75 dips, 75 pull-ups, 150 push-ups, and 150 squats. The "Crimson Peak" actor also added that he does 20 minutes of abs workout followed by a series of back extensions in 3 or 4 sets.

"It keeps me pretty strong. The old school stuff the dips, the pull-ups, the push ups - that's what it's all about," he said.

While Hunnam professed to working out really hard, he also confessed that he is also an avid fan of ice cream. The 35-year-old 'SOA' actor admitted that he owns an ice cream maker at home and insisted that it can be pretty dangerous because he makes one of the best flavors in the world.

Meanwhile, Hunnam is back on set for the "King Arthur" movie and Inquisitr cited that the British actor is rumored to be playing alongside David Beckham. Beckham will be playing as the leader of the Blackleg.

"Knights of the Roundtable" will tell the story of King Arthur, who stumbles upon the mighty Excalibur and battles against the villainous Vortigem (Jude Law).