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Just when you thought the famous celebrity home stretch already has it all, Los Angeles once again wowed the real estate scene with the rise of an over-the-top home, which could be considered as the most expensive house in the US to date.

According to Architectural Digest, the Los Angeles house for sale dubbed as "The One," is now up in the market for $340 million. While the mentioned priced tag seems shocking, it was a considerable amount compared to the initial $500 asking price previously declared by the developer.

The Team Behind "The One"

Before we get into the jaw-dropping details of the pricey real estate gem, let us first get to know the people behind such an extravagant project. According to The Society Group, the expensive house is "built by ex-movie producer turned mega-mansion developer, Nile Niami."

The massive property was designed by architect Paul McLean together with designer Kathryn Rotondi. Branden and Rayni Williams of The Beverly Estates hold the listing together with Aaron Kirman of Compass. Over 600 workers helped to build "The One," which was constructed for almost eight years.

"This project felt exciting and simultaneously intimidating," McLean told Architectural Digest.

Lavish Property Details

This sprawling Los Angeles house for sale sprawling sits on a 5-acre Bel Air hilltop. It appears to be floating on top of the city as it is surrounded by a moat and a 400-foot-long jogging track. "The One" boasts a breathtaking panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and the San Gabriel Mountains.

The 105,000-square-feet residence features a 26-foot-high ceiling and houses 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms.

Upon entering the property, you will be welcome with water, a massive sculpture, and a bridge. Architect McLean explained that they had incorporated the element of water during the design process "because it allows for a sensory change that helps you adjust to your surroundings."

Of course, the enormous estate also features over-the-top amenities that matches its size. It has not just one but five large swimming pools, a 30-car garage, a four-lane bowling alley, a 100,000 square-foot sky deck, a 30-seater movie theatre, and an entire level dedicated to a spa.

It also has a "philanthropy wing", specially made for events and charity gala. The event space with a breathtaking view of the city could fit at least 200-guests.


Interior and Design

The expensive house sticks to a neutral color scheme of black, white, and grey throughout the entire home. It was due to Niami's wish to have a color palette that would allow the landscape and panoramic view to stand out.

The Los Angeles house for sale is also filled with custom-curated artworks in collaboration with Creative Art Partners and Art Angels.

Architect McLean explained that his inspiration was to connect the home's inside with the outside despite dividing each room's purpose.

"To allow the home to feel livable, we separated the entertainment spaces from the living areas. [The former] are located at the lower level [and] this creates a plinth for the rest of the house to sit on and reduces [its] apparent mass," McLean said.

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