minimalist kitchen
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Minimalism, a.k.a, the art of living in extreme spareness and simplicity, looks easier said than done. With all the pretty decors, furniture, and appliances available in the market, it could be overwhelming to throw everything in your humble abode.

While some Instagram and Pinterest inspos on minimalist homes seem impossible to pull off, one homeowner proves that minimalism is achievable with the right mindset and consistency.

Dubai-based Filipina graphic designer Tina Cura shared how she was able to keep her minimalist kitchen neat and tidy despite being the busiest area at home since she and her husband love cooking.

Instagram Ready Kitchen

In an Instagram post, Miss Cura shared her aesthetically beautiful regular-sized kitchen, which looks straight out of a Pinterest post. But nope, it is real life, and this is how her kitchen looks on a daily basis.

The kitchen design features a neutral color scheme with white walls and beige cabinets. In an interview with Real Living, the Filipina homemaker shared that the COVID-19 pandemic helped them achieve such a chic and orderly kitchen.

"The pandemic has taught us a lot of things-one of which is that less really is more," Cura said.

"We decluttered most of our stuff, making sure that we only have the essentials," she added.

Cura said that she and her husband also made sure to keep clutter-free countertops by keeping only essential kitchen appliances and keeping the rest inside the cabinets.

"As much as possible, we try to only keep the necessary kitchen equipment-we don't even own a rice cooker! We cook our rice the traditional way."

The couple's cooking essentials were also neatly organized. Marie Kondo and The Home Edit girls will be super pleased.


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Cura also shared a secret to keep the busy kitchen satisfyingly organized and squeaky clean.

"Wash as you cook! We like to tidy up before we sit down and eat, so there will be less stuff to clean," Cura explained.

"Make it a routine to clean the kitchen at the end of the day and early in the morning. For us, cleaning and organizing on a daily basis is better than cleaning thoroughly once a week. Also, [having] less things in the kitchen means [you spend] less time cleaning, too!" she added.

Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Kitchen

If you want to have the same breathable kitchen design, below are some tips that will make you want to reorganize that kitchen (and maybe your entire life too).

  • De-clutter - Just like Cura, git rid of the unnecessary items in the kitchen. Throw away those old containers, tumblers, mugs, and even the condiments you don't even use to cook.
  • Stick to a color scheme - You can never go wrong with neutral colors. It never gets out of style, and it looks easy on the eye.
  • Ditch the knobs - As you can see, Cura's kitchen cabinets are knob-fee. It makes the overall look of the kitchen sleek.
  • Be consistent - make sure to stick to where you place the items and avoid shopping for "pretty things" that you will not use in the long run.

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