Living in a small house may make you feel uncomfortable and somehow restrained. However, by just applying these home design tips, you may optimize your use of space and amaze yourself with the results!

Here are 6 easy ways to make your rooms look bigger and more comfortable:

1. Paint Walls with Lighter Colors.

Enhance your living room by painting your room with lighter colors. Dark colors absorb light making the room smaller, says South African HomeownerTo fool your eyes in believing you have a bigger room, apply icy blue and cream colors, says In another article, also suggested to paint your ceilings with white to create an impression that you have higher ceilings.

Note that you should also apply the right contrast to better achieve your purpose. Allow your furniture to stand out and do not use same shades as your walls.

2. Let the Light In.

Haven't you noticed that most luxury homes have bedrooms with spanning glass panels? Aside from providing sweeping panoramic views of the city skyline, mountains or oceans, such wide and tall windows fool the eyes to make it appear as if there's no boundary between the viewing room and its exterior. Also, it provides natural light that enhances the size of the room, states South African Homeowner.

If you don't have this kind of windows, just let sunshine in. During the morning, lose your curtains or use curtains with translucent or sheer materials to allow most of the light to pass through.

3. Use Optical Illusions.

You can see this trick in hotel lobbies and hotel rooms. Restaurants with limited space also use mirrors to make their dining areas appear bigger.

Place a wide and full-length mirror on the walls of your rooms, suggests South African Homeowner. Mirrors also reflect light into your room, making it more spacious, says

4. Prefer Bigger Furnishing Over a Collection of Smaller Ones.

Contrary to some may be thinking, larger furniture is the right choice for to create a seemingly bigger space. Smaller furniture and art pieces produce an impression of limited space, says South African Homeowner.

Make a confident statement by placing a tall artwork in a corner of a room or a wider painting on your wall. You definitely would appreciate its effect.

Stage your rooms with bigger and longer furniture, but you may also try to think of ways how they could be multi-functional. Aside from books and magazines, a large bookcase may also be used to hold picture frames, decors, vases and even plants.

However, keep in mind your walkways and don't block them.

5. Minimize Clutter.

A cluttered room is confining and consumes space. Start with those very old magazines. If no one's reading them, they may be neatly stacked in your stock room instead.

6. Choose the Right Patterns.

We always hear that wearing clothes with vertical lines makes you slimmer and taller, and wearing shirts with horizontal lines makes you bigger. This also applies to home design. You may choose wallpaper patterns with vertical lines to elongate a room, says Huffington Post. The outlet also recommends to use horizontal patterns on walls to make the room wider. On tiles, you may use big tiles to make the floor more spacious.