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Cyclone Zoe Devastates Remote Island Of Anuta
  • Is a Private Island a Good Real Estate Investment?
  • Many people are purchasing real estate properties as a means of diversifying their portfolio. While a home can definitely increase your assets and help you save up for your retirement, is a private island considered a good real estate investment? Or will buying one only lead to more costs?
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Tougher Sentencing Blamed For Crowded Prisons
  • Can Someone With Criminal Record Enter Real Estate Market?
  • Whether it was an accident or a one-time mistake you made that sent you to prison, your record is more likely tarnished forever. For some, starting a new life after prison could be a hard thing, such as finding a secure and safe home. Can you buy or rent a home if you have a criminal record?
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Summer Fades in the Queens borough of New York City Beach Communities
  • Which Cities in the US Promote Work-Life Balance?
  • Living in an environment that promotes a healthy balance between life and work is a dream come true for most people. While there are certain places that often thrive in terms of career growth, many people are opting to move to a place where they can find a stable job and still find time to rest and relax. Which cities in the U.S. promote work-life balance?
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Existing Home Sales And Prices Hit Record High
  • 3 Ways to Speed Up the Home Buying Process
  • In today’s busy and competitive market, finding a home can be pretty tough and challenging. With investors competing against first-time buyers, how can you speed up the home buying process even if you do not have the ability to pay the amount in cold, hard cash?
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August Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 7 Months
Sydney Housing As Aussie Property Perks In Crosshairs
Prospective Buyers Look At A House Ahead Of Existing Home Sales Figures
Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Kick-Off Rally In NYC
The Steady Increase In House Prices Slows Down In December
Vancouver, BC Scenics
New Build Houses Remain Unsold Despite Financial Incentives
Haute Residence Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Summit 2016
  • Phone Call-Handling Standards Affect Real Estate Customer Satisfaction
  • Real estate buyers had been trying to reach agents for a town by town interview recently, and the numbers they had given out simply did not work. Most agents had been in the business for, three decades, so it was unlikely that they were not known in their offices. Yet each time the buyers called the number and punched in the extension, the recorded voice on the other end of the line stated that no such number existed.
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Mortgage Crisis Rattles Global Financial System
  • In Real Estate, Signals May Surface, But Noise Often Serve As Warning
  • Real estate signals got observers concerned that more foreclosure lawsuits would be damaging to the market. Settling claims for repayment from homeowners in default had become one of the fairly responsible ways to propose a sale of the home that would cure the default and foreclosure suit. This method could also mitigate further loss and vacancy. Reportedly, this approach was not well received.
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US Retail Sales Rise For First Time In 4 Months
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