Marriott Acquires Starwood Hotels For $12.2 Billion
Keira Knightly
Jodie Foster
  • Jodie Foster’s Home Pricechopped to $5.9 Million
  • Jodie Foster, the actress of “Silence of the Lambs” listed her home in the Hollywood Hills for about $6.4 million sometime back in June 2013. Sitting unclaimed for a few months now, the residence has received a major pricechopper and now asks $5.9 million, according to several news reports.
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Shirley Temple
Bruce Willis
Cindy Crawford
  • Cindy Crawford’s Malibu Manse Up for Rent
  • The “Fair Game” actress Cindy Crawford is offering up her Malibu home for rent in perfect season time. However, the price varies according to the months one rents it for. Crawford also has another home in Malibu.
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Tricia Helfer
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