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Prices Of Existing Home Sales Rise In June, Signaling Housing Market Recovery Continues
  • Frustration Grows Among Buyers as Home Prices are Rising Faster than Inflation
  • The signs of a crazy spring home buying season can be seen and felt across the country, as buyers flock the market and listings are going off as soon as they are posted. While the odds are definitely in the sellers’ favor, buyers are becoming increasingly frustrated over the rising prices of homes in the market. Can first-time buyers still keep up with the high prices?
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Despite National Woes, Bay Area Housing Prices Hit New Highs
  • Higher Priced Homes Mean More In Tech Hotbeds
  • This is very evident in the Bay Area, specifically the San Jose Metro area. Tech households paid on average $8,889 in property taxes compared to $6,003 for non-tech households. In the San Francisco Bay area, tech households paid $7,531 while non tech households paid $5,606.
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Colorado Community Mourns In Aftermath Of Deadly Movie Theater Shooting
New Home Sales Rise To Highest Levels In Six Years
  • West Coast Home Prices Continue to Rise
  • It appears like the favors are on the sellers’ side, as home prices continue to rise in several cities on the West Coast. Buyers continue to flock the market while existing home sales remain short of the increase in demand. Can first-time buyers still get their dream home in these cities?
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Existing Home Sales And Prices Hit Record High
  • Home Buyers Expected to Drop as Prices Continue to Increase
  • 2016 was initially predicted to be a rosy year for the real estate market. However, a recent report suggests that the number of homebuyers this year may drop if home prices continue to increase while wages remain stagnant. Can first-time homebuyers still get their dream home in this case?
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Sales Of Existing Homes In July Reached Prerecession Levels
  • Spring 2016: Home Prices Go Up
  • Spring will be arriving soon, and homebuyers are expected to come out of hibernation to look for new homes. Those who sleep in too late will be paying top dollar for the house they want.
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Australian Federal Budget Delivered In Canberra
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S&P Index Shows Continued Rise In Home Prices
Opening Night Of The G20 Cultural Celebrations
Sydney Celebrates New Year's Eve 2015
Spurred By Rising Prices, Phoenix Undergoes A New Housing Boom
Sales Of Existing Homes In July Reached Prerecession Levels
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