"One-Punch Man" episode 9 has been aired on Monday. This time fans have been inspired by Saitama because of his humility. What happened in this episode has been move forward on its 10th installment, wherein the people of Z City will finally accept him as a real hero.

According to Design N Trend, episode 9 of "One-Punch Man" is quite inspiring in a certain level. Avid viewers now learn how humble Saitama is as a person. It has been recalled that in the previous episode, the Deep Sea King and his underlings had wreak havoc in the city. There are several heroes who tried to stop him, but nobody stood a chance against the king of the monstrous sea creatures, not even Speed-O'-Sonic. Genos tried to exscind the Deep Sea King from destroying everything and everyone.

But as seen in the early scenes of "One-Punch Man" episode 9, "Deep Sea King rebounds, beginning his assault on Genos." Thus, the cyborg disciple of Saitama has been severely injured. Mumen Rider tries to rescue Genos, but still he's been disposed so quickly by the sea monster. Who else can stand a chance? Of course, Saitama! "He annihilates the Deep Sea King with nonchalance."

But then, the ungrateful people of City Z started "to question his identity and then one of them starts to ridicule Saitama, along with the rest of the heroes." Somehow, "One-Punch Man" reflects how cruel people can be. The work of One and Yusuke Murata, either the manga series or anime adaptation, shows the viewers the worst in people. There are several scenes that people had been so ungrateful.

In episode 9, people continued to argue, the "One-Punch Man" started to talk about how he defeated the Deep Sea King with the help of other heroes. "In that very moment, everyone started remembering the other heroes that fought against" the sea creatures. From then on, the people began to express "their gratitude not just toward Saitama, but also to the other heroes that fell."

Towards the end of the episode, Saitama received a note that made fun of him as a fraud. But that didn't bother the real hero of the anime series. This made Genos realized how humble his master is. "At the end of the episode, Saitama is promoted to B Class."

The preview of the "One-Punch Man" episode 10 has already been released. The promo video reveals that people have acknowledge Saitman not as a "C-class" hero, "but someone who can save them from monsters like The Deep Sea King."

Yibada reports that "One-Punch Man" Episode 10 is titled "Unparalleled Peril." The spoilers also reveal the Deep Sea King seems not to remember where he is at. In addition, "He introduces himself and confesses that if he had made one big misstep it was not fighting the battle at sea. It was not the sea monster's game. He states that if they would have fought at the sea, the results would have been different."

It is noted that before the promo video of "One-Punch Man" Episode 10 ends, the Deep Sea King asks if there's somebody in the city who is more dangerous than him.

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