Reasons Why Some Home Renovations May Undermine The Value of Your House

Posted by Staff writer on Oct 16, 2015 07:00 PM EDT
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Home owners would find it satisfying to make some rehab or renovations with their home. However, if one is not that sure whether he would be staying on the property till eternity so to speak, one should then be careful with the renovations. There are some renovations which may seem to be appealing to you, but in reality these may not be enticing for future buyers. Now here below are some renovations, as also discussed by propertycluster, which may lower the real estate value of your house.

The Odd One

Most neighborhoods share common house designs. And if for example you would be changing the design or even simply add up some storey to you house, then definitely your property would be distinct among other houses. Some neighborhoods are designed with two-bedroom bungalows, and if specific designs would make your house a standout, then other buyers might not get interested on it.

Adding Swimming Pool

A swimming pool may be considered as an ultimate luxury for you and your family. However, some buyers are hesitant to choose a house with an additional pool for they may think that it's not safe for their children.  In such a case, adding a swimming pool in your property may serve as liability rather than as a leverage and luxury.

Luxury Update

If you are a homeowner with a mid-segment house, then you should bear in mind not to go far as luxury upgrades are concern. Adding some hi-tech and expensive gadgets may sound cool, but other buyers may not find it budget friendly, especially for non-techy buyers.

Upgrades without permits

You need to pay attention on this one; each state has its own permits and requirements for upgrades. It is important to have these permits and necessary requirement in order to avoid headache when sales would be in process. Buyers would choose to stay away from properties that do not meet regulations.

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