The second season of "The Flash," is coming soon with so much new updates per day that only way fans know how to take it all in.

The first to appear in the show is Vanessa Williams, who will play the role of Iris West's Mother. Although, no other information is presently released, what episode she will be in is also not yet confirmed.

Barry (Grant Gustin) protects the city by himself. Going back to the previous months, when Singularity spread horror in the Central City, Barry struggles to forgive himself after Eddie got killed. He doesn't want to put his team in danger again, Barry goes away from everyone and has decided to defend the entire city on his own. A mete-human villain named Atom Smasher ( Adam Copeland) attacks Central City, Barry goes out without the team to fight Smasher. Well, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Joe (Jesse Martin) insisted to help him using his Meta Task Force.

In the latest trailer of "The Flash" Season 2, Jay Garrick also known as Crimson Comet is shown in his universe, and Professor Zoom, will also be in action. Franz Drameh (Attack the Block) is also seen as the new human half of Firestorm.

As Atom Smasher comes to Central City to end Flash in his increased size and super strength, makes him the toughest opponent of Barry. The flash was not able to defeat Atom by himself that is why the Team decided to help him, Scarlet Speedster will have to bring S.T.A.R. Labs Team as one to get the job done. Will they succeed? Or will there be another death in the Team?

Atom Smasher is from the Justice Society and some other compassionate teams in the comics, it's difficult to think that he is a straight-up supervillain in the "The Flash." The hostility between Barry and Smasher will be solved and they will team up in the latter part of the season.

This episode is directed by Ralph Hermecker and written by Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, script by Gabrielle Stanton and Andrew Kreisberg.