The battle on getting Bobbi Kristina's $20 million inheritance will likely be a long drama filled with secrets coming out and more revelations to surprise everyone as Whitney Houston's family fight over it.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Pat and Cissy Houston along with Whitney's other brothers are the legal inheritors of her wealth. However, reports claim that the Brown family wants to claim Whitney's inheritance money.

Since Bobbi Kristina's death the never-ending saga of claiming the inheritance left to her by her mother started. The inheritance that Bobbi got was not just a huge amount of money but it also includes royalties from the late Whitney's career. Basically, the inheritance that she got will be an unending source of money and everyone wants that passive cash in their hands.

According to OK! Magazine, Bobbi Kristina received 10 percent of the trust left to her at 21, and is set to receive an additional 15 percent at 25 and the remaining funds in the trust at 30.

Those people who happened to be close to the late 21-year-old daughter of Whitney just want to get hold of the inheritance. However, Bobbi does not have a will which causes major problems on the inheritance left by Whitney to her only daughter. Normally a name will be written or dictated on whoever will get the inheritance but this was not done. And it has been said that the law differ in every state and it can be argued in court.

The Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that a lawyer explained to USA Today that Bobby Brown can still be able to get some of Whitney's inheritance money even though they already got divorced in 2007. Atlanta estate lawyer Bruce Gaynes added that "Bobby could be entitled to whatever Bobbi Kristina had received, so far, from her mother's will saying, for the purposes of Bobbi Kristina's estate, he is the sole beneficiary, if she has no husband and if she has no will."

The will, which was completed before Whitney divorced Bobby, states, "If no child of mine survives me: I give all jewelry own at my death to my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, if she survives me; and I give the rest of my tangible personal property to those of my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, my father, John R. Houston, my husband, Robert Brown, my brother Michael Houston, and my brother Gary Houston, as survive me to be amicably divided among them as they might agree, in shares as nearly equal as possible," according to Radar Online.