Real Estate Marketing Strategies always vary from one sales agent to another. However, there are some approaches that can be common to all.

Blog Zurple has shared recent approaches in real estate marketing. The article says that everyone is always selling. Time and Energy are always spent on trying to influence others either selling a product or agreeing with one's ideas or reasoning.

But as for real estate professional, the person is always on the frontline concerning sales and marketing. Daniel H. Pink, an acclaimed best selling author who writes about social science and its impact on work and business, has written a book entitled "To Sell is Human."  The book's focal point is on the historical protocol for selling which is said to be dead because information is already accessible online. Thus, there is a shift in marketing strategy. "From the world of caveat emptor (buyer beware) and into a world of caveat venditor (seller beware) where honesty, fairness and transparency are the pillars of success," Pink explained in his book.

Some old mantra in selling has been replaced too. One of these is "Always Be Closing," which has now been changed to "Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity," the new ABCs in sales.

The principle of this sales pitch is not instantly convince clients to take on your idea and buy it for themselves. But the major goal is to "offer something so compelling that it starts a conversation," and in the process make your client be the participant and in due course would bring them in a mutually beneficial result.

The bottom line is to replace "selling" with "serving." It is making your real estate business personal and purposeful. "Selling is human after all," says Daniel Pink.

In addition, Debbi DiMaggio of InMan says that "our signature marketing is one of the key elements and the value proposition we offer our clients." For her, there are 5 ways to attract client. These are: professional rendering is ideal for specific types of marketing, property-specific websites are key, professional photography is imperative, print marketing should not be overlooked, and internet marketing is a must.