"Married at First Sight" opened with a bang following its ever so appealing series description of marrying strangers who have just met on the first day. While the show has recently concluded its second season on FYI, fans are wondering if the reality series will still get another season following issues surrounding its couples.

"Married at First Sight" Season 2 finale showed two couples choosing to stay together and one opting to end their marriage with divorce. Clare and Lachlan were one of the couples who decided to keep their marriage beyond the show, but the latter recently revealed that he and Claire are no longer together, 9News.com.au reported.

"There was good times, there were times that weren't good. At the end of the day, they outweighed what was good," he said.

The outlet mentioned several couples from "Married at First Sight" who chose to stay together during the season finale, but still ended up splitting in the end.

Alex and Zoe seemed to have things perfectly going for them, as the "Married at First Sight" couple remained together a year after they met on the series. The couple, however, experienced a miscarriage, which eventually led to the fallout of their marriage.

Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino are by far one of the most controversial couples on the series. The couple decided to stay together through the end of the series, but Jessica recently filed for a restraining order against her husband after Ryan allegedly threatened to kill her and her family.

Meanwhile, Gospel Herald cited that the future of "Married at First Sight" remains uncertain following these issues surrounding the former couples of the series.

The outlet cited that the recent scandal surrounding Jessica and Ryan could easily put the show to an end, following the footsteps of other reality series like "19 Kids and Counting" and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

The show, however, continues to accept applications from interested individuals who would like to take part in the series, as the outlet noted that its site on FYI remains active.