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With the COVID-19 global pandemic continuing to spread worldwide, potential homebuyers are looking into safe home features that will prevent the coronavirus from entering their humble abode.

Because of the pandemic, gadget makers have developed innovations that will provide further protection on top of regularly sanitizing our hands. According to Realtor magazine, the interest in "healthy" homes and buildings has become a priority for potential homebuyers since the pandemic.

Based on a 2020 survey by Taylor Morris and Meyers Research, at least 40% of millennials and

35% of Generation X home shoppers are looking for homes with health and wellness features. Market research firm NPD Group also found out that in August 2020, sales of vacuum cleaners, fans, humidifiers, and water filters increased by 32%.

During the recent Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2021, builders introduced smart home gadgets that will help us live and thrive through the so-called "new normal." Developers believe that healthy homes' demand will continue to grow regardless of the health crisis has concluded.

Below are some of the anti-covid smart home gadgets that promote "clean technology."

UV-C LED Desktop Disinfection Lamp

When handwashing and sanitizing is no longer enough, you can now rely on UV-C that disinfect spaces through the help of UV light. Ubtech's Adibot or the UV-C disinfection robot offers ultraviolet light that provides hospital-grade disinfection in home spaces.

The disinfection lamp could be rolled around spaces manually, or you can opt for an upgraded model that sanitizes the area on its own. The said home gadget could clean up to 1,000 square-foot rooms within 70 to 1000 seconds.

Meanwhile, Targus UV-C LED Desktop Disinfection Lamp, which will be available this month, can run for five minutes every hour to reduce bacterias lurking on devices like keyboard, mouse, or cellphone.

DIY Disinfectant

Instead of buying or mixing disinfectant solutions, Force of Nature now offers a smart way to clean your house in a nontoxic way. The starter kit, which is available at $70, comes with an electric countertop appliance that converts tap water into a specialized cleaner and disinfectant through the help of a salt capsule, water, and vinegar.

The company swears that its electrolyzed water product is an effective way to fight coronavirus at home. This DIY disinfectant can be used to clean surfaces of glass, stainless, or tile countertops.

Voice-Controlled Faucets

To reduce the risk of transferring virus through high-touch surfaces at home like the faucet, Kohler and Moen now offer a contact-free or voice-controlled faucet. The home gadget with a price tag ranging from $600 to $1,000 could replace the ordinary bathroom and kitchen faucet.

Air Purifier

Portable air purifiers are a big hit when the coronavirus pandemic started last year. Tech giants such as LG and Luft now offer upgraded compact air purifiers that can be used in cars, desktops, and open house spaces. These tiny but mighty home gadgets can purify the pollen, mold, and other pathogens in your surrounding.

For larger spaces like offices or buildings, Clean Air Zone's bio-based air-purifying system with water and special enzyme formula offers to clean air pollutants. The clean technology, which retails for $1,495, works best in 7,000 to 1,200 square-foot spaces.

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