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After nearly two decades of "Dilemma," American rapper Nelly finally decided to put his Missouri mansion for sale for a considerable price markdown.

According to TMZ, the 46-year-old rapper born as Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. initially purchased the property in 2002. The original plan is to renovate the abandoned mansion and turn it into a real estate dream.

Together with a contractor friend, Nelly envisioned to give the mansion a total makeover in the hopes to flip and make money out of it. However, the project did not push through, and after almost 19 years, the property remained vacant and crumbling.

While it is not clear how much Nelly paid for the massive real estate, the property was listed for a whopping $2.5 million before purchasing it.

The "Hot in Here" rapper now wants to cut his ties with the property and move on from his investment, so he decided to put it up on the market earlier this week.

The listing described Nelly's abandoned mansion as an "amazing investment opportunity," although the huge property requires major renovation.

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Property Details

The 10,799-square-feet estate featured six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The massive property sprawling in the 12-acre lot was built back in 1998.

It is located 30 miles from St. Louis, but only minutes away from the Hidden Valley Ski Resort in the nearby city of Eureka.

Upon entering the palatial Tuscan-style home, you will be greeted by multiple arched ceiling with a magnificent view of the sky. The interior played with colors white and cream, making it look extra expensive.

The property has an open floor plan, sky-heigh ceiling, and multiple bedrooms with respective balconies.

Outside lies what could have been Nelly's primary entertainment area as it includes a full-sized basketball court complete with bench seating for a possible crowd. The outdoor space is perfect for other recreational amenities like a swimming pool or a barbecue area as it comes with a stunning view of the Meramec River valley.

Whoever scores this abandoned property should be determined enough to fix a whole lot of renovations. Aside from the $600,000 amount, the future owner should also have patience, time, and power to turn this forgotten estate into a luxurious property.


Tips on Renovating an Abandoned House

Abandoned mansion like the one that Nelly wants to unload is sure one of Missouri's hidden gems. While it needs a facelift (which often comes with a hefty price tag), updating its old fixtures, worn-out interiors could not only be challenging but also rewarding in the end.

Below are some important tips to remember when revamping an old and forgotten property.

Update instead of replacing
Like Nelly's abandoned mansion, some items could still be salvaged with paint or light fixtures. All you have to do is get a little creative and resourceful.

Stick to a budget
While it could be tempting to throw all your hard-earned money and hope to get twice return of sale, it is advisable to stick to the budget and prioritize which part of the old house needs more love and which can be fixed with a little effort.

Sell old stuff
If some stuff is beyond your control to save, turn it into something profitable by selling-research for antique collectors or furniture savers who might be interested in salvaging the old appliances.

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