The Blue Estate Group has launched the world's first floating real estate - an exclusive and elegant lifestyle floating in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Blue Estate has recently launched the public sale of properties on the man-made island, to be accessible by sea from Miami, Florida. Made from ultra-high performance concrete modules, the upcoming luxury lifestyle community measures more than 4921 feet (about 1.5 kilometers) by 3280 feet (1 kilometer), covering an area half the size of Monaco.

Poised to house more than 15,000 permanent residents and numerous businesses, with its own state-of-the-art medical facility and an international school for kids growing up in the exclusive community.

An Exclusive Luxury Community On the Sea

 The Blue Estate: The World’s First Floating Luxury Real Estate
(Photo : Screenshot from: Blue Estate Youtube)
The Blue Estate: The World’s First Floating Luxury Real Estate

Set across the year-round warm waters of the Caribbean, The Blue Estate promises to spoil its residents with more than 340 sunny days every year.

The floating community will also be loaded with a range of leisure activities and amenities, all within an unprecedented level of privacy and security.

Amenities at the floating community can be summarized as expansive hotel-style five-star services across all corners of the estate.

Aside from restaurants, bars, sports facilities, and even spa treatment places, The Blue Estate will offer everything a family needs. Its Blue Estate International School is set to accommodate toddlers to diploma graduates, offering quality contemporary education. For all its residents and guests' health needs, a state-of-the-art clinic is available on-site.

The Blue Estate will also integrate playgrounds and green spaces, with its upcoming "Garden Deck" set to be the centerpiece of a holistic location for raising a family.

Also, to provide a complete and viable living experience, the luxury floating community aims to foster its own business-friendly environment that will optimize its offshore location for an irresistible setup - zero taxes, with minimal regulations and reporting obligations.

Properties for sale start at budget-friendly "Ring Levels" studio apartments (from 19,800 USD) to the impressive "Signature Estates" mega-mansions (from 1.15 billion USD)

Built for Sustainability and Safety

 The Blue Estate: The World’s First Floating Luxury Real Estate
(Photo : Screenshot from: Blue Estate Youtube)
The Blue Estate: The World’s First Floating Luxury Real Estate

More than an exclusive luxury community, The Blue Estate also commits to environmental sustainability. All of its energy demands will be exclusively drawn from renewable sources, resulting in a negative net carbon footprint.

Additionally, The Blue Estate Group reports that the offshore location will also provide a technology hub, housing ocean-related research programs.

For people surprised at the idea of an entirely offshore community, safety is an understandable concern.

However, the size alone of this floating luxury location allows for large inertia, making the man-made island incredibly stable, just like any other island. Worries about tossing and turning from the ocean waves, such as commonly experienced onboard marine vessels, are virtually absent on The Blue Estate.

Furthermore, the entire island will be shielded from the elements with external walls standing at 164 feet (50 meters) high, keeping even large ocean waves at bay.

The island will also sport automated hurricane shutters, to provide additional shielding for the community in the event of high winds.