NBA Trade: Lakers' Jordan Hill for Brook Lopez? [Rumors]

Posted by Manuella Pamintuan Lamorena ( on Jan 22, 2015 05:21 AM EST
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Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers (Photo : Getty)

With the Los Angeles Lakers' hopes of taking home the championships in the current NBA season looking grim, going to the trading block does seem to be the best option. Rumors are going around that Jordan Hill will soon have to say goodbye to his purple and gold jersey to welcome a new team mate.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Hill is the best option to trade as the team continues to find ways to curb down salary expenses and get under the luxury tax threshold.

While Hill's performance in the season has not been exemplary as expected, the 27-year old player was able to change his game in the team's last eight matches, noted Bleacher Report. His average was 15.1 points and 8.1 rebounds in those games, which are pretty decent statistics.

However, it's Hill's market value that would possibly put him in the trading block more than his numbers. And with Tarik Black taking his game to the next level, the Lakers' may not have much use of his experience as they did before.

Brook Lopez could be the target for a Lakers trade. Aside from the financial aspect of a possible deal, the Brooklyn Nets center could be the best bet, coming from North Hollywood himself, said Bleacher Report in a separate article. Location would be no problem for the 26-year-old former Stanford player.

And it's not exactly as if Lopez has been starting for the Nets recently. The Nets center has been plagued with a foot injury for most part of the season and Mason Plumlee rose to the occasion to get his playing minutes.

A probable hitch to Lopez moving to Los Angeles may be on the team's "short assets." According to Fansided, Chad Ford from ESPN sees a possible snag in the deal with the Lakers not having "much to offer the Nets outside of cap relief."

However, Lopez' injuries may come in play and the Nets could possibly consider the Lakers if the team is "willing to absorb a big contract." Other players such as Steve Nash, Ed Davies and Jordan Clarkson may be offered just to get Lopez, detailed Bleacher Report in another article. But the Nets may not see much potential in those three to be willing to trade.

Another possible option to get Lopez to wear the purple and gold jersey is to trade away Jeremy Lin, whose contract is about to end, said Travelers Today.

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