Nick Young Cheating Scandal: Lakers Star Gives GF Iggy Azalea a Ferrari

Posted by Nens Bolilan ( on Jan 20, 2015 08:12 AM EST
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Iggy Azalea's boyfriend, Nick Young, was spotted seemingly flirting with not one but two other women during a night out.

Of course, those who got wind of the compromising situation such as the Inquisitr naturally asked: "Is NBA player Nick Young cheating on his rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea?"

Media Takeout released photos, reportedly taken when the Los Angeles Lakers star was taking his plus-two to an unknown address post-party at Hooray Henry's. The party was apparently held in celebration of a team victory versus the Orlando Magic on the same date, Jan. 9.

"In one of the pictures, Nick is caught with his hand on the waist of one of the women as they are heading towards the house," Inquisitr noted. "[He was] helping a young lady into the passenger seat of his car one night," added Sports World News.

Media Takeout also said that the other girl was apparently driving because Young decided to join the other in the backseat.

There was one serious note that only magnified it all. Inquisitr could not help but notice that Young was using a 1962 Chevrolet Impala given to him by Azalea on Christmas.

The flirting issue was denied by Young himself on Twitter. In one tweet, he said, "Dnt believe the hype," while in another, he expressed the lack of security he felt.

However, to make up for that supposed fault, the 29-year-old shooting guard reportedly gave Azalea a car.

According to Terez Owens, Azalea was spotted riding a new Ferrari unit, specifically a Ps. Ferrari 458 priced at over $250,000, and an unnamed source cited by the outlet said it was bought for her possibly as a sorry gift. .

Global Grind noted that the pop singer, real name Amethyst Kelly, does not seem bothered by the issue, saying: "While riding around Beverly Hills in her brand new Ferrari, doing some shopping, and hitting up Toast Cafe for an L.A. lunch with her mom, Iggy looked happy and stylish in a bolo hat and smile."

Fans even swarmed her while she was at a Westwood gas station on a Friday to refill her white vehicle, and she let them take selfies with her for about 20 minutes.

Azalea, a 24-year-old Australian, was in a "charitable mood" added the Daily Mail. Before the fans drew near, she was first approached by an indigent guy.

"[She] took a $20 bill from her wallet and autographed it on the back of her needy new friend," the piece reported. "The homeless man then flashed a jagged grin, and proudly posed with his one-of-a-kind prize."

We're not sure if he will use that to buy anything.

Before then, Azalea and Young were spotted on Jan 14, seated at the front row of Galen Center in Los Angeles to watch a UCLA game versus USC, the Lakers star's alma mater, another Daily Mail report said.

The live-in pair didn't seem to have hit the rocks.

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