Microsoft's original Surface did not sit well with buyers, but all of this changed when the company released the Surface Pro 3. It was only a matter of time then that there would be a clamor for the release of the Surface Pro 4.

According to a post by The Fuse Joplin, Microsoft has not yet announced the released date for the newer version of the model. The features that come with the Surface Pro 4 also remain a secret.

But rumors surfaced that the model would be released by the end of the year and was expected to come out with the Windows 10, whose release date is in autumn.

Here are the seven things to look out for in the Surface Pro 4:

1.     The Surface Pro will possibly come with two display sizes to choose from: a fourteen-inch and eight-inch tablet.

2.     The fourteen-inch table will be powered by Intel Core M processor to support its 2160x1440 pixel resolution. (However, information on the specs of the eight-inch table has not been released yet, although rumors have it that it would be lower compared with the fourteen-inch device.)

3.     Intel Core M processor, which will be used to power the Surface Pro 4, is suitable for the device's ultrathin design. The high performing processor works fifty percent faster than the fourth generation Core CPU that preceded it.

4.     Surface Pro 4 has a longer battery life and provides up to eight hours of video playback, as opposed to the Core CPU which could only lasts up to six hours.

5.     Unlike its competitors, the new device also allows users to play games in an integrated manner.

6.     The device will come with the outfitted Windows 10. As it turns out, many consumers were not quite impressed with the existing Windows 8, so Microsoft is planning to come out with the new operating system-Windows 10.

However, some issues on bugs might plague the Windows 10, which will work both on tablets and laptops. But Microsoft has ensured that the new operating system would be much better than the Windows 8, and is already looking into fixing some minor issues.

7.     Reports also suggest that the Surface Pro 4 will come with more RAM compared with the 8GB of RAM Surface Pro 3 has.

No figure on the price has been released yet, but basing on the price of the Surface Pro 3 which is currently being sold at $799, it could likely be priced somewhere in between one thousand and two thousand dollars.