Decorating a home can be difficult, and if done terribly wrong, it can turn into a disaster. That is why  HGTV have invited designers to share the most common decorating mistakes in American homes. Here are some of them.

Toilet Rugs

This is the carpet or rug that is cut to fit around the toilet. Sometimes it comes with a matching toilet seat cover. According to experts, not only is it a thing of the past, it also houses many germs, from dust to molds, so use instead a small rectangular rug and place it far from the base of the toilet.

Photographs Everywhere

American homes are filled with pictures everywhere, from infant photographs to a trip abroad, to family get-togethers. Pictures recount a story, but having too much in the home is not advisable. Having said that, only select your most loved photographs and display them in nice-looking frames. Other photographs can be placed in albums that can be stacked pleasantly in a shell.


Everybody knows it, an uncovered wire mean chaos. Keep everything organized. You can find a cord that matches the wall or you can drill a hole at the back of furniture so the cord can go through it. On the off chance that there are unused cables, keep them somewhere safe and label them appropriately.

Awkwardly Placed Furniture

Before we continue, let it be known, not every one of us have the eye for it. It takes somebody to know which furniture ought to be set where. To address this, take a look at magazines and pictures online.

Keeping Something You Hate

This could be a gift from a friend, relative, sibling, and so on. Try not to put something that does not fit your home design. Keep them somewhere else or get rid of them altogether.