Phone Call-Handling Standards Affect Real Estate Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Staff Reporter on Apr 05, 2016 08:57 AM EDT
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Real estate buyers had been trying to reach agents for a town by town interview recently, and the numbers they had given out simply did not work. Most agents had been in the business for, three decades, so it was unlikely that they were not known in their offices. Yet each time the buyers called the number and punched in the extension, the recorded voice on the other end of the line stated that no such number existed.

When real estate buyers finally reached their agents a half-hour later via email. The agents were apologetic and perplexed. Most had said that they were going to have to find out what was going on. They even emphasized the urgency of the task.

Coincidentally, audio branding specialist PH Media Group, which according to a survey of 2,200 Americans discovered that only 28 percent had positive views about the way real estate companies handled their phone calls.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, performed the best with 41 percent. The survey respondents revealed that customers of architectural firms were the least content with only 20 percent of customers being happy with phonecall standards, according to a feature from

John Duffy, president of Duffy Real Estate on the Main Line, stated that this did not surprise him. He heard years ago that agents only had seven to 10 seconds to make an impression on the caller. This will either be favorable or unfavorable. Duffy said that adding common courtesy and agreeable phone manners will be very important. He had always preferred meeting the people he was interviewing in person, and he said that will continue to do so as often as humanly possible. He said, however, time and distance will sometimes make this impossible.

The real estate expert also said that email had been a great asset, but he had used it principally for introducing himself to people he had never met as a way to make first contact, according to a feature from Nuwire Investor.

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