Apple will allegedly release a MacBook Air Retina in 2015 and there's a whole bunch of reasons why you should wait for it. The new member of the MacBook Air series is believed to be loaded with a lot of sophisticated and advanced features that users will surely enjoy.

But before Apple fans can get their hands on the gadget, they'll have to be contented with rumors of what's to come. 

Well, there are hints that appear to be quite obvious. This new model would probably have a Retina screen. But apart from the obvious, here are other rumors on its release date, important specs and design, price and the rest of the features most are expecting. 


There had been numerous reports about the unsatisfactory performance of its microprocessor Core M so Apple is most likely to install i5 or i7 chip sets in it; that is according to a predictive report by MacWorld. It has been reported earlier that Apple ignored the disappointing Core M microprocessors.

Release Date

As aforementioned, there is no official announcement from Apple on the release date of the MacBook Air Retina; however, there are rumors circulating around the web that the iPhone-maker will carry it out during the Christmas holidays.

Techradar says about the release date: "either late 2014 or, more likely, spring of 2015." Anyway, it's not really that bad to wait right?

Important Specs

The MacBook Air Retina is expected to be at 12-inch dimension, which will put an end the old 11-inch version. This allows the user to delve into that Retina experience even more.

Other specs, which are still rumors, include a change in the overall design, new colors, and thinner design, a source reveals.

Techradar also divulges that Apple is more likely to use a Broadwell-U processor. There is a big chance in this postulation in that Broadwell-processors are energy efficient; so, it significantly reduces the heat that is being created by the computer, allowing designers to use smaller fans, and make the Retina thinner and a lot less in terms of weight.


Apple did not reveal any information about the price just yet but there are hints through which we can estimate the price of the MacBook Air Retina. Since it follows the classics MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the price is more likely the average of the prices of the two plus the cost of a Retina display. That's pretty much an easy math, no?

What do you think of the rumored specs and features of the next MacBook Air?